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Avr 5, 2022 | Blog | 0 commentaires

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the decline of corporate culture. As a result, employees have dropped their loyalty to their employers and no longer hesitate to switch jobs, searching for better wages. Otherwise known as the ‘Big Quit,’ employers are searching for ways to combat their employee’s feelings of detachment and reestablish corporate culture.

 As described in the article, “Le présentiel à la rescousse de la culture d’entreprise” by Lena Brosselin, redefining corporate culture will be easier said than done. Business leaders are looking to do so by first bringing employees back to the office. A PwC study revealed that 29% of business leaders prefer employees in the office three days a week; 18% prefer four days a week; 21% prefer five days a week. So how can Starbolt help you and your business rebuild your companies’ culture?

 Starbolt helps companies reconstruct their corporate culture in different ways. First and foremost, we are still in a pandemic, and not all employees feel comfortable taking public transportation (the metro, bus lines, etc.). This creates a problem for the 68% of business leaders who want their employees to come into the office at least three times a week. Starbolt is the solution. By sharing a fleet or allowing employees to substitute their Navigo benefit for a Starbolt subscription, employers have a safe and efficient way to ensure that employees can get to the office.

 Additionally, with a shared fleet, Starbolt increases communication between employees. This improved communication between employees regarding the shared vehicles in the fleet indirectly enhances corporate culture. Having employees talk, especially regarding non-work-related topics, helps build trust and rapport between them. Thus, further establishing a corporate culture naturally.

On top of Starbolt’s ability to practically increase corporate culture, Starbolt also provides organizations with a way to support sustainable and green transportation. So not only do companies get the benefit of knowing that they are supporting and actively engaging in the transition to a sustainable environment, but their employees also get to live an active lifestyle that promotes their health – as well as our planet’s.

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